The Dirty Dog Park

In the beginning there was a dog, a ball and a piece of green grass...

There is nothing more fun for a dog than to run off-leash and play with their master and other pups.

We are fortunate to live in a community that provides the space for dog parks. They are a wonderful way to exercise and socialize our dogs - for many of us, it is a great way to socialize with other dog-lovers!

Many of you already visit your favorite dog park to do what every responsible dog owner knows must be done daily - exercise and socialize your pup. We strive to give our dogs a happy life and enough stimulation to "poop them out" (in more ways than one).

At our Torrey Hills Center, we host a spacious and social off-leash dog park. In 2012 we installed a water fountain at the entrance and we have big aspirations for more park improvements in 2013.

Dirty Dogs offers self-service dog wash facilities with elevated tubs and warm water. We also have an award-winning pet grooming salon and a complete pet supply retail store with doggie treats, food and gear.

If you're visiting the park, make sure to stop by for a complementary treat or to pickup a ball, toy or water bowl for your pet.

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