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I've been to a few groomers in the area and in my opinion, nothing compares in terms of service, knowledge and consistency. The staff seems to genuinely care about the pets and they give great haircuts! I normally schedule an appointment but recently tried the "do-it-yourself" for the first time. Alias gave me an impromptu workshop on how to properly bathe a dog (I was doing it all wrong!). I love this place - great staff, great facility and great location.
03/10/2014 - Mary C.
Love it here!! I love the fact you can wash your own dog, use all of their stuff (shampoo/conditioner/­towels/water/blow dryer/brushes) and just walk away from the mess/smell for such a reasonable price. I will neverrrr wash my dog at home as long as Dirty Dogs is around. I've told so many people about this dog washing concept - what can I say, I'm in love! They also cut my dogs nails, and did the best job anyone has ever done before. Not to mentioned, my dog is a chow-chow, and she doesn't usually like people she doesn't know, and they were able to take her back without any issues. Bailey loved it here!!! Thank you Dirty Dogs!!
03/01/2014 - Mandi C.
Thank you for always remembering my puppy Piper's name and treating her like your own. Piper was a thrown away Blue Heeler puppy who always gets the lovey treatment from the wonderful staff at Dirty Dogs. My old man Boulder, the Labrador, loves the treats you give him when we pass by your shop.

I recommend Dirty Dogs to everyone because your retail prices are fair and your service is .
02/04/2014 - Rebecca K.
I love bringing Kobe to Dirty Dogs for the self-scrub. They have everything you need: clean tubs, warm water, aprons for the humans, different kinds of shampoo and conditioner, big blow dryers, towels, combs and brushes. It's fun for me and my dog because we get to spend quality time together each week when we take him for his bath. I believe that Kobe enjoys going to Dirty Dogs and I love that he "shakes" all the water off when we tell him to =). The employees here are always very friendly and gets us set up quickly. They have 5 tubs in the back of their store where you can do the you-do-it-self-scrubs, we've never had to wait for a tub. It seems pretty popular though, there are always other people washing their dogs here at Dirty Dogs. If you don't have the time, you can always choose to let their professional dog groomers do the job, and they have a room where you can watch them wash your dog and cut their hair. Dirty dogs is perfect for big dogs and little dogs because they have a collar-lead that keeps them in the tub (Kobe doesn't need it because he knows to stay in there until he's done). Kobe is a large dog, so we use the ramp that they have to lead him up and into the tub, it's very useful. On another occasion when we couldn't use the ramp, an employee helped us to pick up Kobe and put him into the tub (he's about 75 lbs!) All of this goodness is just $15 for the you-do-it self wash, a really great deal!

On top of the self-wash, the store manager is super friendly and knowledgeable. He has given us good tips on dog food (did you know that you are supposed to switch flavors or switch dog foods every 3 months? that way your dog doesn't get bored of the same flavor and doesn't develop allergies to certain foods). Anyway, they have a lot of great snacks, treats, and toys that can't be found at Petsmart or other pet stores. The quality here is really nice.

Sometimes, they host events too that are a lot of fun. One time, they had a fruit wine company come to show of their wines, very tasty. Another time, in partnership with the honest kitchen and John Knows Dogs dog training, they had a competition for which dog could sit and stay the longest -- Kobe won!

We love Dirty Dogs!
01/26/2014 - Sonya K.
We took our puppy here to get his nails done and we were overwhelmed by the great service and the quality of the results. Our puppy had a traumatic experience at another groomers and the folks at dirty dogs were careful to make this experience a pleasant one. They expressed genuine concern for his well-being and went above and beyond. We will continue to come back for all his grooming needs (and to buy his dog food that is oh so hard to find).
01/22/2014 - Taylor